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ASK ANA – Strengthen Nails By Tapping?

STRENGTHEN NAILS ASK ANA – Strengthen Nails By Tapping? Have you ever wondered if tapping your nails on a hard surface makes them stronger? Today we’re going to cover: Does tapping fit into the scientifically proven methods to grow nails faster? What part of your finger actually benefits from stimulation And a couple of positive […]

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Get Naked Pure Nail Oil Challenge

READY TO GET NAKED! Sale, Challenge, and Contest

Let’s Get Naked with a Friend! Challenge, Contest and Sale! In celebration of Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil™ finally being available on Amazon, I’ve teamed up with Kimber from Kimber’s Lacquer Korner and Leticia from Teen Polish Junkie. We are each hosting a huge “Get Naked With Pure Nail Oil™ Challenge. ### PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS ### […]

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Vitamins For Nails? Do They Make Nails Stronger?

Vitamins for Nails Do they help or is it all just a scam? Advice about vitamins for nails across the internet is all over the place. Why? Because anyone can write a blog post—whether they know what they’re talking about or not. Who are you supposed to believe? You need to seek out experts. Researching […]

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