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  • Can nail oil help strengthen nails?
  • Why is nail oil important?
  • Does it really work?

Many people think that there is some magical formula in a nail lacquer bottle that’s going to make your nails longer and stronger.

This just isn’t true.

What is true? Nail Oil creates stronger nails.

The beginning of this article shows Kelli’s results after her 3-Day Hydration Treatment Challenge. Be sure to see her 3 month results at the bottom of the article.

Kelli’s results demonstrate this and her complete blog review is available at NailArtForNerds.

Kelli’s 5 Week Challenge

Kelli’s Results

Before – Right Hand


Day 3 – Right Hand




Day 1 – Left Hand


Day 3 – Left Hand



5 Weeks



Kelli’s Thoughts

Ana, I want to thank you for coming up with such an amazing product. I just want to say it again and again I LOVE Pure Nail Oil™ so much!

The scent of Crisp is amazing and not overpowering like some other oils.

It’s so amazing how my nails and cuticles went from dry, cracking, and brittle to shiny, smooth, and strong!

I really can’t express how pleased I am with how my nails look and feel. I swear they feel stronger already, in just 3 days!

I’m so used to wearing polish to cover up the yellow discoloration, but now I don’t have to be ashamed because these nails look beyond beautiful to me.

I think that I can love my nails now, instead of hating them.

Because I know this product actually works, I’m definitely going to be using Pure Nail Oil™ exclusively on myself and my clients for as long as I’m a nail professional.

Since the price is so reasonable and affordable, I will be recommending Pure™ to ALL of my clients and fellow nail techs.

Thank you so much for a wonderfully amazing product!  I am in love with Pure Nail Oil™—and so are my nails!


Ana’s Thoughts

Like Erica, Kelli holds a special place in my heart as well. She’s the first nail professional to fall in love with Pure™.

How Oil Creates Stronger Nails

In it’s simplest terms—Oil is the glue that holds your nail’s 50 layers of keratin together. Too much water in our nails pulls the layers apart. This is the cause of peeling nails.

Healthy, moisturized nails are the perfect balance of 18% water and 5% oil. This is a balance we are continually working to maintain.

Our Past

In a time long ago, when horses were our only transportation and indoor plumbing was over a hundred years away, we did things differently.

We rinsed our hands in the local stream without soap. We bathed once a month and always smelled of campfire smoke. Our nail beds nourished our nail plates with moisture and sebum perfectly.

And dirt wasn’t an enemy.


Fast forward to today. Indoor bathrooms with antibacterial soap on every counter. Our fear of germs and dirt has created a multi-million dollar hand sanitizer market.

The main ingredient in hand sanitizers is isopropyl alcohol—a great oil solvent.

The average person today washes their hands 20 times per day! The tiny 5% of oil doesn’t stand a chance!

Combine that with the oil dissolving properties of acetone—it doesn’t take long for your nails to be drier than the Sahara Desert.

Water, Water, Everywhere

According to Doug Schoon, author of Nail Structure and Product Chemistry, our nails have the ability to absorb 3 times their weight in water!

If there isn’t any oil in your nails to slow down the water absorption, then the spaces in between the keratin layers get filled with water—pushing them apart.

When your nails have enough oil in them, water has to work a lot harder to work it’s way through the layers. So oil helps protect your nails.

Will Any Oil Do?


Most oil molecules are too big. Jojoba oil is the only oil almost identical in molecular structure to our body’s natural oil—sebum.

If sebum and water are the only two molecules that can travel between your keratin layers—then you want an oil that’s almost identical to sebum.

Stronger Nails

Strong nails are flexible nails.

Think of a fresh, green Spring leaf—it’s filled with moisture and very bendable. A crispy, cracking Autumn leaf has lost all of it’s moisture. It breaks with the slightest pressure.

Stronger nails bend under the stresses of life. Stronger nails aren’t hard—as the cosmetics industry has led us to believe. Commercial nail strengtheners and nail hardeners only make your nails weaker.

The reason Kelli said her nails felt stronger is because they were!

In 3 days using Pure Nail Oil™, you can feel your nails becoming strong and flexible. You can bend them and you know they won’t break.

They don’t get mushy soft like when you’ve been in the tub for 30 minutes.

It’s different—and you can feel it.

The Simple Solution

The solution is quite simple? Put the oil back in your nails.


3 Month Update

“Two weeks ago, even my TEACHER thought I had acrylics on! That made me laugh, because she was a trainer for CND and has been in the business of doing nails for 37 years. I couldn’t be more thrilled with my results!” ~Kelli

Stronger Nails Kelly before after


Left Hand



Kelli Morehead_3mo Polished


Right Hand


Kelli Morehead_3Months R


Kelli Morehead_3mo Polished R


Stronger Nails Kelly before after

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Disclaimer: The actual science of the relationship of water, oil and keratin is way too complicated to explain with 100% accuracy in a simple fashion. Science is complex. My descriptions are meant to create a picture that is easy to understand for all who were never called to take Chemistry and Physics in high school or university.

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