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How to Prevent Polish Chipping We are all looking for ways to have our polish last longer. For me, it started with a Google search in 2010, “How Do I Keep My Polish from Chipping in the Shower?” The solution came several months later after I had done over 200 hours of exhaustive research. I […]

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PEELING NAILS – Marie Claire’s Pure Nail Oil™ Results

Peeling Nails PEELING NAILS Marie Claire’s Pure Nail Oil™ Challenge Results Marie Claire’s story is a fun one. She was one of the fortunate people to win a Pure Nail Oil™ pen during one of the three random contests I host each week on my Facebook Page – In January and July, I host […]

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Nail Salon Manicure - Is it Hurting You

The Nail Salon Manicure – Is It Hurting You?

The Nail Salon Manicure – Is It Hurting You? The Nail Salon Manicure – Is It Hurting You? ASK ANA “Ana, I have a question that has been plaguing me for a while now.  I have had several salon manicures from several different salons.  They all have the same techniques when doing manicures.  I have […]

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PEELING NAILS – Becky’s Pure Nail Oil™ Results

Peeling Nails Peeling Nails Becky’s Pure Nail Oil™ Challenge Results   Becky’s Thoughts Hi Ana! I first started to get seriously into my nails after discovering Loodie Loodie Loodie’s blog and it’s thanks to her I became addidcted to cuticle oil. She’d mentioned this wonder oil made by a lady (you) who, after much research into […]

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My Nails Made it Through the Airport Kirsten's Pure Nail Oil Challenge

My Nails Made It Through the Airport – Kirsten’s Pure Nail Oil™ Challenge

Pure Nail Oil™ “My Nails Made It Through the Airport!” Where do I start? … I’ve never been very interested in fingernails. I like keeping my toenails painted, but never my fingernails. I used to keep my nails pretty short because they were so brittle and broke easily, and I thought my fingernails looked funny […]

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NAIL STRENGTHENER – Ana’s Pure Nail Oil™ Challenge

Nail Strengthener My Nail Strengthener —Pure Nail Oil™ When I created Pure Nail Oil™, I didn’t track my progress. Oooops. I didn’t know that something miraculous would happen. Let’s Get Naked! When I hosted my first “Let’s Get Naked” Challenge on Facebook in January, 2013, my fans encouraged me to “go naked” with them. I […]

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