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ASK ANA: Are Fake Nails Safe?

Are Fake Nails Safe? Many people are attracted to fake nails for various reasons. In this article you’ll learn which fake nails (or artificial enhancements) are best. ASK ANA Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. I am fairly new to nail art nail care and maintenance. My nails are growing but not […]

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Polish Stain Removal Tips – How to Remove Immediate Polish Stains

Polish Stain Removal Tips Polish Stain Removal Tips You’ve just removed a gorgeous, dark blue and look down in horror—your nails are now a lovely shade of blue! This recently happened to me with China Glaze Blue Bells Ring #1119. Of course instead of panicking, I get all geeky! “Oooo, this will make a great article!” […]

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How to Prevent Polish Chipping We are all looking for ways to have our polish last longer. For me, it started with a Google search in 2010, “How Do I Keep My Polish from Chipping in the Shower?” The solution came several months later after I had done over 200 hours of exhaustive research. I […]

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