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Pure Nail Oil™ is amazing. It can help eliminate breaking, peeling, and brittle nails. It is made from natural ingredients and is safe enough to eat.

Plus, we are so confident in our product that we give you a 100% money back guarantee, including shipping!

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See what our satisfied customers are saying…

Crystal in California, USA

“When I first heard about your product I wasn’t too sure about it. I am not very educated on nail products and nail care, nor have I ever used a cuticle product before, until now.

All of the friends raved about it when I had asked for someone to recommend a cuticle product to me. I ordered it right away and awaited it’s arrival.

Before taking the before photos, my cuticles were cracked and were bleeding, I had also just gotten my acrylic nails taken off so my nails were in terrible shape. I am not sure if you can see that very well in the pictures.

The stuff smells amazing! The directions were so easy to follow. I began seeing improvement on my nails by the very first day!

When the third day came rolling around I was amazed at the big improvement that I saw in so little time.”


Carrie in Minnesota, USA

“This was my second round of using Pure it worked very well the first time I was amazed! I fell off the bandwagon for a bit and I could really tell the difference the oil made once I stopped using it.

I love how well Pure works! I don’t have bad peeling on my nail tips like I used to. I also used to have a big problem with peeling skin around my nails and Pure has taken care of that!

Plus you can’t go wrong with how amazing the oil smells! I have recommended Pure to all my family and friends. I will be a customer for life!”


Michelle in British Columbia, Canada

“I found the oil to work pretty well, my nail and cuticle area looks more healthy in general, tough my cuticles are still a bit dry.

I may need to use a thick cuticle cream along side the oils a few nights a week. I also found it seemed to help with the ridges on my nails so thats plus! It also smelled wonderful.

If i has any criticisms it would be that the brush on the glass bottle is sort of hard to use, i couldn’t really get it under the free edge of my nails because of how soft and flimsy the bristles are, so i used the click pen to do that.

Over all I am pleased with my experience and I will continue to use pure oil!”

Caitlin from Epic Nail Time

“My nails and cuticles were not in their worst condition when I started using the oil, but they are certainly in their best condition afterwards.

Here is a summary of my findings using the Pure Nail and Cuticle Oil starter kit:

  • Smells very nice. Subtle, not overpowering, but very nice. Everyone in my family liked the smell. I also loved her scent sampler for Winter! I’ll be purchasing it when it comes out.
  • The pen made application VERY easy and convenient. I carted it around with me and it was easy to sort of paint on the oil. There was also no risk of spilling & you could get exactly the right amount on your fingers. Ana also has instructions for refilling the pen on her webpage, which is awesome.
  • Felt calming to my skin immediately. Pleasant and enjoyable to use.
  • I loved that it came with directions.
  • I loved that there was enough oil in the order to last not just through the 3 day hydration, but this amount will last me a nice amount of time.
  • My hangnails are completely gone. I don’t have any to speak of anymore.
  • It immediately moisturized my nails and softened my cuticles. My fingers just sucked in the oil (they must have been thirsty). The oil didn’t “linger” on my skin. It did its job!
  • My cuticles are no longer (sorry about this) crusty, or overgrown. They are behaving!
  • The almost calloused hard bits of skin on the sides of my fingernails from working with my hands are softened and almost gone!
  • Cuticles are not splitting anymore. In fact they have healed right up and are looking smoother and healthier.
  • The skin around my fingernails is no longer red or inflamed. It is looking much more calm. Inflamed skin around the fingernails has been a problem for me for as long as I can remember. I am overjoyed that it is finally going away!
  • The skin on my fingers is actually smoother. It looks less wrinkly/puckered and it is certainly not dry and flaky anymore. Its like they had been dried up before, and now they are hydrated and plump like they should be.
  • I may just be super obsessed with this oil, but I swear this is more growth than normal for me. It looks like the nail growth is not only more, but of healthier nail. The colouring of the nail is so much better.
  • My nails are much more flexible. They have been bending instead of cracking and snapping off at the corners. They aren’t peeling or splitting anymore either. My nails used to peel off in sheets or split vertically which was VERY inconvenient and sometimes very painful. They aren’t doing this anymore though!

Overall, I definitely give this a buy. It did exactly what Ana claims it will do. I really liked using it.

I like the smell, I like the feeling of it on my fingers, and I like that it did its job.

When I run out, I will definitely be purchasing more.

My job and life is hell on my hands and cuticles and this oil actually stands up to it and is improving the appearance and health of my nails and cuticles. Colour me very impressed with this product.

Thank you to Ana for creating something that can actually stand up to my unruly fingernails and cuticles!”