How To Remove Gel Nails Without Damage

You or your nail professional remove gel nails and look down in horror! Your nails are covered with white spots inside the nail. How did it happen? In this article, guest author Doug Schoon, Nail Structure and Product Chemistry, will cover How and why those white spots happen Give you microscopic proof of damage And […]

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Nail Growth – Does Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator Work?

Nail growth… “How can I get my nails to grow faster?” This is the most asked question on my Facebook Page. And most people don’t like my answer. It goes against every Corporate Giant spending fortunes to create and market the next miracle nail growth product that is sure to change your life forever! In this […]

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Yellow Nails Do Basecoats Prevent Stains?

Yellow Nails – Is There a Basecoat that Prevents Staining?

It’s horrifying to remove a dark polish and discover yellow nails. Even worse is removing green and having green nails (true story). By the end of this article you’ll understand all the causes of yellow nails and color staining. You’ll also understand what you can do to remove the staining as well, although in most […]

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NailCareHQ-Clear-Fingertips-Is It A Bad thing?

Clear Fingernails – Is It a Bad Thing?

Often times people think that clear fingernails is a sign that something is wrong. While your fingernails are a reflection of your overall health, there are external factors that can make you have clear fingernails too. By the end of this article you will understand what the things are that cause nails to turn clear […]

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Do Nails Breathe Removing Polish

Do Nails Breathe? Should I Take Polish Breaks?

Do nails breathe? ASK ANA “Hey Ana, I need your help to settle something. I had a little argument with a friend of mine a few days ago. My friend says she usually takes a month off from painting after a manicure chips off to air it out, but I said it takes a few […]

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