ASK ANA – Strengthen Nails By Tapping?

STRENGTHEN NAILS ASK ANA – Strengthen Nails By Tapping? Have you ever wondered if tapping your nails on a hard surface makes them stronger? Today we’re going to cover: Does tapping fit into the scientifically proven methods to grow nails faster? What part of your finger actually benefits from stimulation And a couple of positive […]

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ASK ANA: Black Spots In Nails

Black Spots In Nails ASK ANA: Black Spots In Nails Hi, Ana! So you’ve talked about white spots on nails. What about black spots that look like “specks”? I’ve got them on a lot of my nails, and I have no idea what caused them. Thank you! ~Jenny ANSWER This is such a great question […]

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ASK ANA: How to Keep Healthy Nails

Keeping Healthy Nails  Keeping Healthy Nails ASK ANA Hi Ana…my friend bought the Bliss Kiss™ Simply Pure™ hydrating oil starter kit and give me the pen …It is really good… But do I have to use the oil for the rest of my life to keep my nails in good shape?” ~Yuli ANSWER This is a great […]

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ASK ANA: Long Nails – Will I Ever Have Them?

Long Nails Long Nails: Will I Ever Have Them? Today’s article actually addresses two important ASK ANA questions that are intertwined … ASK ANA “I saw the pic of your long nails you put up on Facebook. How do keep them so long and beautiful without breaking? I’m using your high quality jojoba nail and cuticle oil. […]

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ASK DOUG: Carcinogens in Nail Polish

Carcinogens in Nail Polish by Doug Schoon Carcinogens in Nail Polish ASK DOUG Hi Doug, I keep hearing that the chemicals in polish, gel and acrylic nail products are carcinogenic. Is this true? I’m afraid of getting cancer? ~Chris ANSWER Do the words acetaldehyde and formaldehyde frighten you? Most people would say yes, especially since California requires a […]

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Stress Fractures In Nails

Stress Fractures in Nails Stress Fractures In Nails Have you ever been making the bed and bent a nail? I have. Way too many times. Simply put, a stress fracture in nails is when you accidentally bend the nail but it doesn’t break. Instead, you’re left with a bunch of keratin nail cells that won’t […]

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