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PEELING NAILS – Marie Claire’s Pure Nail Oil™ Results

Peeling Nails PEELING NAILS Marie Claire’s Pure Nail Oil™ Challenge Results Marie Claire’s story is a fun one. She was one of the fortunate people to win a Pure Nail Oil™ pen during one of the three random contests I host each week on my Facebook Page – In January and July, I host […]

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Nail Salon Manicure - Is it Hurting You

The Nail Salon Manicure – Is It Hurting You?

The Nail Salon Manicure – Is It Hurting You? The Nail Salon Manicure – Is It Hurting You? ASK ANA “Ana, I have a question that has been plaguing me for a while now.  I have had several salon manicures from several different salons.  They all have the same techniques when doing manicures.  I have […]

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PEELING NAILS – Becky’s Pure Nail Oil™ Results

Peeling Nails Peeling Nails Becky’s Pure Nail Oil™ Challenge Results   Becky’s Thoughts Hi Ana! I first started to get seriously into my nails after discovering Loodie Loodie Loodie’s blog and it’s thanks to her I became addidcted to cuticle oil. She’d mentioned this wonder oil made by a lady (you) who, after much research into […]

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My Nails Made it Through the Airport Kirsten's Pure Nail Oil Challenge

My Nails Made It Through the Airport – Kirsten’s Pure Nail Oil™ Challenge

Pure Nail Oil™ “My Nails Made It Through the Airport!” Where do I start? … I’ve never been very interested in fingernails. I like keeping my toenails painted, but never my fingernails. I used to keep my nails pretty short because they were so brittle and broke easily, and I thought my fingernails looked funny […]

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NAIL STRENGTHENER – Ana’s Pure Nail Oil™ Challenge

Nail Strengthener My Nail Strengthener —Pure Nail Oil™ When I created Simply Pure™  hydrating oil in 2012, I didn’t track my progress. That was a big oops. I just didn’t know that something miraculous would happen. Let’s Get Naked! When I hosted my first “Let’s Get Naked” Challenge on Facebook in January, 2013, my fans […]

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WHITE SPOTS IN NAILS – Sue’s Pure Nail Oil™ Challenge

White spots in nails—we all get them and many people wonder about the true source. Today’s post is a combo article—a Pure Nail Oil™ Challenger’s results and an ASK ANA. A few months after Sue Metcalf of did her Pure™ Challenge, she asked me a what the white spots in her nails were from. […]

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CUTICLE HEALTH – Pure Nail Oil™ Challenger Kimber’s Results

Good cuticle health is tough to maintain when your skin gets dry. Many of us can’t stand dry skin and start messing with it. Today’s article shows an example of what can happen when the nipping compulsion goes too far.  It also shows the miracle that are bodies are. When given the time and a product that […]

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