ASK ANA: Nail Clippers – Are They Safe?

Nail Clippers.

nail clippers is it safe to use them


Is it safe to use nail clippers to cut your nails? ~Bethany


This is such a great question and a topic I have wanted to address for a long time.


Is it safe to cut your hair?

Finger nails and hair are simply dead keratin cells.

Technically, using nail clippers is safe, but it may or may not be your preferred method.

What Do I Prefer?

I cut my nails with nail clippers all the time. Here’s why.

Twenty filing strokes removes one week of growthI’ve accomplished this once in the last 4 years since I learned it.

My Little Secret

My reason is plain and simple . . . I’m busy.

I run a rapidly growing global business, try to keep my sanity with four children, and continue to build a happy marriage with Cory.

I just don’t have time to file 200 strokes every week.

I let them grow, until I know they are all destined to start breaking because . . . well . . . I have a crazy life. And I bet you do too.

There’s no way I’m going to file 4 weeks of growth. I might go insane.

Instead, I use really sharp nail clippers, cut them to slightly longer than I want, and finish by filing with a crystal nail file.

When To Say No

I do not recommend using nail clippers if you have short nails. There’s just not enough to cut. They will splinter easily, which can lead to more tip peeling.

Filing is the best solution if your nails are short.

How To Cut Longer Nails

Most people have trouble cutting their nails because they are trying to cut straight across.

The problem with this technique is that the opposite corner will most likely snap at an angle. Then you’re stuck filing your nails two or three millimeters shorter than you planned.

With a little patience, this tragedy can be avoided. (Only nail geeks understand that this truly is a tragedy!)


  • Make sure your nails have not been in water in the last hour. It may be easier to clip toenails if they are wet, but it will cause fingernails to peel more. They’re too soft and could tear easily.
  • Do not cut your finger nails straight across.
  • If you like your nails square, you will definitely want to cut your nails two to three millimeters longer than you want the finished look to be, and finish off with filing.

Ready . . . Go

  1. It usually takes three small clips with rounded nail clippers. Start on the side of the nail facing your thumb, make a small clip about 1/3 across at an angle. Have the clippers pointed toward the upper, opposite corner of the nail. This will help prevent the nail from snapping.
  2. Make another cut about 1/3 across the top.
  3. Finish with the last clip either straight across or slightly curved the other direction.
  4. Use your favorite nail file to finish the edges. If you need help with filing the right shape, check out my article, How To File Nails Squoval. It will help you learn how to make your nails the same length. Then you can branch off to create your favorite tip shape.

In Conclusionana-seidel-signature_72

I hope this dispels the myth that nail clippers are evil.

They are a useful tool that can make your nail care routine more enjoyable.

Because, let’s be real . . .nail care is important, but it’s all about the polish!


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