Archive | Polish Removers Where is the best place to purchase acetone?

ASK DOUG: Where Should I Purchase Acetone?

 by Doug Schoon Purchase Acetone – What’s Your Recommendation? ASK DOUG “I tell my students that acetone you buy at the pharmacy is not the same as the acetone you buy in the hardware store. People do buy them in the hardware stores because acetone is cheaper there. What are the facts?” ~anonymous ANSWER Good […]

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Polish Stains Main Image

Polish Stain Removal Tips – How to Remove Immediate Polish Stains

Polish Stain Removal Tips Polish Stain Removal Tips You’ve just removed a gorgeous, dark blue and look down in horror—your nails are now a lovely shade of blue! This recently happened to me with China Glaze Blue Bells Ring #1119. Of course instead of panicking, I get all geeky! “Oooo, this will make a great article!” […]

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PEELING NAILS – Marie Claire’s Pure Nail Oil™ Results

Peeling Nails PEELING NAILS Marie Claire’s Pure Nail Oil™ Challenge Results Marie Claire’s story is a fun one. She was one of the fortunate people to win a Pure Nail Oil™ pen during one of the three random contests I host each week on my Facebook Page – In January and July, I host […]

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NailCareHQ-Clear-Fingertips-Is It A Bad thing?

Clear Fingernails – Is It a Bad Thing?

Often times people think that clear fingernails is a sign that something is wrong. While your fingernails are a reflection of your overall health, there are external factors that can make you have clear fingernails too. By the end of this article you will understand what the things are that cause nails to turn clear […]

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Do Nails Breathe Removing Polish

Do Nails Breathe? Should I Take Polish Breaks?

Do nails breathe? ASK ANA “Hey Ana, I need your help to settle something. I had a little argument with a friend of mine a few days ago. My friend says she usually takes a month off from painting after a manicure chips off to air it out, but I said it takes a few […]

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Nail Care HQ and brittle nails

Nail Care: How To Strengthen Brittle Nails

Author: Ana Seidel ASK ANA: Nail Care – How To Strengthen Nails Hi Ana, my nails keep peeling and I don’t understand why. Is there any way to fix it? ~Victoria ANSWER The Frustration One of the biggest frustrations when trying to grow long nails is the fact that they keep breaking. Broken nails make it difficult […]

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