Is My Nail Separating From the Nail Bed? nail separating from nail bedIs my nail separating from the nail bed?

When you start to hydrate your nails with a high quality jojoba based nail oil, your nails start to look different—in a way you’ve never seen before. This is what happened for Sara.


nail separating from nail bed
Hi Ana, I have a question. As I’ve told you before, I used to pick my nails down to the quick for years and I stopped about 9-10 months ago. My nails still aren’t fully attached to my nail beds. They seem to be trying.

I’m worried that when I take the nail brush and clean under my nail tips, that I might be separating the pink part (nail bed) from the underside of my nail plate. Would it be ok for me to be using a nail brush to clean them? Or will the brush separate the tissue that is trying to attach? ~Sara


I actually have that too. It’s your onychodermal band and it’s one of the 4 very important guardian seals around our nails. It keeps bacteria from getting into the nail bed tissue.

According to Nail Structure and Product Chemistry author Doug Schoon, it is a grayish, glassy-looking narrow zone right before the nail plate detaches from the nail bed to become the free edge.

nail separating from nail bed

I’ve noticed that my onychodermal band has become much more visible since oiling regularly with Pure™ I see that the same is happening for you.

Actual Nail Separating

You’ll know when nail is detaching from the nail bed because it’s turns white like your tips. The only one that looks like it’s pulling away too early is your ring fingernail.

You may have increased the size of your onychodermal band by picking at them back to the quick in the past. The body compensated by moving it back to before your damage.

I would NOT scrub that area very hard with a nail brush or push it back at all. Use a soft nail brush or toothbrush if you need to clean the underside of your tips.

Your nails will repair themselves just fine over the next year with love and care. Be patient. ~Ana

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