How To Stop Biting Nails – Angela’s Results


how to stop biting nails Angela's resultsLearning how to stop biting nails is a simple concept, but it can be a daily challenge. There is so much shame around nail biting.

In this article, I’ll cover

  • Angela’s 30-day results using nail oil to help her stop biting
  • Why it’s a hard habit to break
  • How you can join my Facebook support group for nail biters
Good morning from Ann Arbor, MI! My good friend who lives in California recommended your nail oil and I ordered through Amazon Prime. I am so happy with the results. I have been a nail biter for years and what got me to stop was the image of a nail magnified 400x that is included in your education materials! I still pick at my nails and am trying to find the balance between not having them so wet (I do dishes after every meal 🙂 but overall – so much better!!! ~Angela
How to stop biting nails
How to stop biting nails - Angela's nail oil results


Aren’t Angela’s results amazing?! I love receiving these before and after photos from customers.

Nail biting is a tough habit to change. And technically we can’t break a habit. We can only replace it with a better habit.

I wrote an in-depth article with references to the latest scientific studies about how to stop biting nails.

Angela’s results are because she replaced the negative habit of biting to the positive habit of applying a jojoba wax ester based nail oil to her nails and skin when she had the urge to bite.

My personal experience as a skin picker, my research, and feedback from others is that boredom and anxiety are triggers to bite or pick. This is why it’s so important to learn to replace the bad habits.

It also really helps to find a support group to help with the struggle. I started a facebook support group for nail biters and skin pickers just for that reason.

How to stop biting nailsIf you would like to join, visit You’ll receive an email with support literature and the link to join. I’ve set the group as “closed” to keep the trolls out. Our members are so supportive and encouraging.

You’ll finally feel like you are not alone anymore.

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