Dry Skin – Overnight Hydration Treatment

Dry Skin

Dry skin Overnight-Hydration-Treatment-1-800

In today’s article, I’m covering a new method to quickly help combat dry skin and nails.

As many of my loyal readers know, I like to test new things on myself before writing articles for you.

One of my best friends with really dry skin started doing an overnight hydration treatment with our Bliss Kiss™ oil and lotion stick. She wouldn’t stop raving about her results. I was suddenly intrigued.

I’ve been testing this overnight treatment several times when my nails are feeling drier than normal—this winter was tough for many of us!

I have to say, I’ve been really pleased with the results. My dry skin is gone and my nails are full of oil.

What You Need

  • Naked nails
  • A jojoba wax ester based nail oil
  • A “balm” type of lotion
  • Nitrile gloves


  • Liberally apply nail oil to nails and skin surrounding your nails. Be sure to add a little extra to the really dry skin patches
  • Apply your favorite “balm” type of lotion to your hands. You don’t want anything with water in the ingredients or it will cause excess sweating
  • Apply nitrile gloves
  • Go to sleep

For me, the first night was a little more restless, since sleeping with the gloves was a new sensation for me.

I did not have trouble sleeping with future treatments.

What To Expect

The results I experienced seem kinda obvious, but my skin felt lovely and soft when I woke up. I expected my skin to be all wet and sweaty. And that just didn’t happen.

But more than the super soft skin, the greater surprise was seeing that the overnight hydration made my nail tips transparent. It looked similar to when your nails absorb water in the shower or bath.

But this felt completely different. Instead of my nails feeling flat, soft, bendy and in danger of tears like they would after taking a long shower, my nails felt strong.

The transparency was only partial, starting from the tips and moving back toward the fingertip skin. You can see this in the photo to the right. dry skin Overnight-Hydration-Treatment-1-800

My C-curve remained the same. When your nails absorb water in the bath or shower, the nails become overly soft and flatten. When the water evaporates, your nails return to their normal shape.

With this overnight treatment, the transparency didn’t go away. Applying polish trapped the oil into my nail plate. I can continue to see the transparency if I paint my nails with only base coat.

What Does This Mean?

From my experience and research, transparent nails after an overnight hydration means that the nail plate has absorbed the oil through all of the layers.

The reason you can see your pink nail bed through your nail plate is because the nail bed is constantly pushing the perfect blend of about 18% water and 5% body oil through the nail plate.

When your nail tips grow past your fingertips, the nail is no longer being nourished. Your tips dry out and turn a white or yellowish color.

Side Note: Yellow tips don’t always mean your health is compromised or you are a smoker. For those of us obsessed with polish, we can blame our yellow staining on the wonderfully deep colored polishes we wear.

I have found the overnight hydration treatment for dry skin and nails to be really effective in getting my nails and skin back on track when I’ve been neglecting a normal oiling routine.

It’s entirely possible that this treatment process can be very helpful for those of you who have jobs that don’t allow you to do a 3 Day Hydration Treatment. 

I’m looking forward to hearing about your results if you try this. You can email me through our contact page at dry skinhttp://www.myblisskiss.com/contact/

Here’s to your longer, stronger nails and kissing dry skin goodbye!

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