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ASK DOUG: Carcinogens in Nail Polish

Carcinogens in Nail Polish by Doug Schoon Carcinogens in Nail Polish ASK DOUG Hi Doug, I keep hearing that the chemicals in polish, gel and acrylic nail products are carcinogenic. Is this true? I’m afraid of getting cancer? ~Chris ANSWER Do the words acetaldehyde and formaldehyde frighten you? Most people would say yes, especially since California requires a […]

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nail growth how-do-nails-grow-300

ASK DOUG: Nail Growth – How Do Fingernails Grow?

Nail Growth: by Doug Schoon Nail Growth: How Do Fingernails Grow? ASK DOUG Hi Doug, Is it possible to make my nails thicker or grow a different shape? Thanks for your help! ~Vicki ANSWER The finger nail plate is generally composed of about 50 layers of nail plate cells stacked upon each other. Where do these nail […]

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ASK DOUG: Is TPHP In Polish Toxic?

 by Doug Schoon Is TPHP In Polish Toxic? ASK DOUG Hi, I recently came across this article and was curious what you might know about it. It seems like another way to scare people with how little they tested. But it also seems like it could be a concern. But it includes some of the […]

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Chemicals – Life or Death?

 by Doug Schoon and Ana Seidel Reprinted from Nails HQ Magazine Chemicals Should You Fear Them? One of the hottest topics is 3-Free and now 5-Free nail polishes. Where does this end and what’s to keep someone from now demanding 7-Free?  ~Doug Schoon, author of Nail Structure and Product Chemistry   Is There a Chemical Free Product? Want […]

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NAIL ANATOMY – Different Parts of Fingernail

Nail Anatomy Authors: Doug Schoon and Ana Seidel Nail Anatomy – The Different Parts of the Fingernail Do you know where your cuticle is? Or your hyponychium? Most people don’t. Not only is the general public confused about the names for the parts of the natural nail, but many nail technicians are not able to […]

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ASK DOUG: Where Should I Purchase Acetone?

 by Doug Schoon Purchase Acetone – What’s Your Recommendation? ASK DOUG “I tell my students that acetone you buy at the pharmacy is not the same as the acetone you buy in the hardware store. People do buy them in the hardware stores because acetone is cheaper there. What are the facts?” ~anonymous ANSWER Good […]

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Huffington Post Publishes Lies About Nails

By Ana Seidel & Doug Schoon Huffington Post Publishes Lies About Nails Even though I previously wrote an article on this topic, it’s pretty shocking that a well respected site like the Huffington Post allowed this article written by Senior Editor of Healthy Living, Laura Schocker to actually be published. In the old days, journalists used […]

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How To Remove Gel Nails Without Damage

You or your nail professional remove gel nails and look down in horror! Your nails are covered with white spots inside the nail. How did it happen? In this article, guest author Doug Schoon, Nail Structure and Product Chemistry, will cover How and why those white spots happen Give you microscopic proof of damage And […]

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