Nail Biting – Using Science To Quit

NAIL BITING Nail Biting – Can Science Help Us Quit? “Do you have any habits like nail/pen/pencil/cheek/lip biting, resting your head on your hand, or habitual gum chewing?” Researching and writing this nail biting article made my eyes go a little cross-eyed. Let me correct that—A LOT cross-eyed. In this article, we are going to take […]

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Russian-Manicure Is it dangerous?

The Russian Manicure – Is It Dangerous?

RUSSIAN MANICURE Excerpt from Face-to-Face with Doug Schoon, Volume II Available on Amazon and iTunes- July 2017 In this article, I’ll explain what a Russian Manicure is and why you never want one if your nail professional doesn’t have the correct training and appropriate license. Since knowledge is power, I’ll also give you tips to […]

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ASK ANA – Strengthen Nails By Tapping?

STRENGTHEN NAILS ASK ANA – Strengthen Nails By Tapping? Have you ever wondered if tapping your nails on a hard surface makes them stronger? Today we’re going to cover: Does tapping fit into the scientifically proven methods to grow nails faster? What part of your finger actually benefits from stimulation And a couple of positive […]

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ASK ANA: Black Spots In Nails

Black Spots In Nails ASK ANA: Black Spots In Nails Hi, Ana! So you’ve talked about white spots on nails. What about black spots that look like “specks”? I’ve got them on a lot of my nails, and I have no idea what caused them. Thank you! ~Jenny ANSWER This is such a great question […]

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